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ASEM is operating in the Industrial Automation, Test & Measurement and Building Automation markets, providing a complete range of industrial PCs and monitors and a complete range of HMIs, controls (PAC – Programmable Automation Controller), remote assistance and Industrial IoT gateway solutions.

All ASEM systems and solutions are completely designed, engineered and manufactured internally, including electronics, firmware, software and mechanics.

All production facilities are located in the headquarters in Artegna (Italy), including electronic boards assembly and welding, with automatic test procedures ensuring high quality standards.

The complete mastery of hardware and software technologies makes ASEM a perfect long-term partner for machine builders and system integrators enabling ASEM to provide maximum flexibility also in the design of customized products and systems, based on customers’ specific requirements.

ASEM has been a precursor in the integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with Machine and Factory Automation Technologies, anticipating the convergence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technologies) systems, that today constitutes the basis of the fourth industrial revolution called “Industry 4.0”.

Since the mid of the 90s, ASEM was the first company in Italy and one of the first companies in Europe designing and producing Industrial PCs, believing that the “open and standard” x86 platform technology would have revolutionized the “Machine and Factory Automation”. Since 2006, ASEM started designing also innovative, flexible and user-friendly software solutions that, today, make ASEM one of the few European medium enterprises, if not even the only one, that can develop and master internally all driver technologies of the “Industry 4.0” revolution.

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